who I am

And why I'll wear an ill fitting volunteer t-shirt. 

As a kid and young adult, bikes got me places and allowed me to earn income.  When I see Angelenos on rigged bikes with make shift panniers I'm inspired by their enterprising spirits. I also feel upset with the disproportionate dangers that many face in underprivleged parts of LA where many do not own cars. 

 My first earned-income job as a kid was delivering papers on my bike. Growing up in a working class family in a small town, moving around safely on bike or foot was part of life.  As the youngest of six kids, I always had hand me down bikes which worked perfectly great. During college I biked to my second job in the evening on a borrowed bike. 

I now own a car and a couple of bikes. I initially became a bike advocate because I wanted the option of active transportation and not driving my car.  I'm now schooled in the MASSIVE SOCIAL INJUSTICE that bike/walk safety presents.  Many people do not own cars relying on walking, biking and public transit. 

Lower income people are posed with a greater risk of dying than those in higher income neighborhoods. The High Injury Network is made up of less than 6% of the LA's streets and nearly HALF of that 6% is in neighborhoods with poor health and economic outcomes. 

So now I want both and they are not mutually exclusive. I want to bike around Los Angeles with greater safety AND I'd love to see lower income communities be made the priority when increasing LA's bike infrastructure increasing safety. 

 Boyle Heights, Sota Metro Station, Operation Firefly

Boyle Heights, Sota Metro Station, Operation Firefly

Los Angeles bicycle Coalition

As a member of LACBC I helped with the Bike-Ped Count, Operation Firefly in Boyle Heights and Highland Park and help with tabling events such as the Conference of Neighborhood Councils. 

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L.A. Bike and Ped count

My first volunteer bike gig was the LA Bike and Ped Count  joint effort by LACBC and UCLA. My t-shirt is XL.


I attend as many Ciclavia events that I can and volunteered for the Heart of the Beast 2015 one. This was a fantastic way to interact with stakeholders/business owners in DTLA.  We met an artist on Gallery Row and he gave us a tour of his gallery.