Tell your GPS: 3914 Chevy Chase Drive, Los Angeles CA 90039  --- Which is the PARKING LOT to North Atwater Park at 3900 Chevy Chase Drive

North Atwater Park has a very well maintained parking lot that is great for unloading your bikes, and getting everyone ready. There is easy access to the LA River from the parking lot.  

This stretch of the river is great for Little Riders who are learning to ride a bike or still a little unsteady. The path is about 1 mile long and stretches along the Los Feliz golf course, a horse stable. You'll access the path and see a placard from 2012. If you go to the left you'll run into Los Feliz Blvd and if you go right the path will end at Colorado Blvd. Either way is fine or do both.

You can also walk your bikes over the Los Feliz Blvd. bridge (which can be very intimidating) and you'll link up with the LA River Bike Path at the Alex Baum Bicycle Bridge. You can go south to Elysian Valley (Frog Town) and exit off Knox Ave. for lunch at Wax Paper.  It's a short bike ride off the path.  On weekends the path can be really busy so use caution.

The Park's website address